Dr.Ace korkchi, born and raised in Sweden with a Persian origin, came to Marbella after graduating the leading university of Gothenburg in the year 2009. He came to southern Spain following his fathers footsteps, with a vision to be a pioneer in the field of dentistry. After 11 years and thousands of smile makeovers for recommended patients including top influencers and celebrities his new concept dentistry is growing and expanding. Located in the heart of Puerto Banus, ACE DNTL STUDIO is marking his third clinic after the success of Riviera Dental Clinic and The Smile Makeover Studio. Book now.

Dr.Ace customized protocol is very efficient and simple for the patient but incredibly advanced and detailed behind the scenes. “We are fully digital with a touch of hand craft” – the best of both worlds to get the most natural like crowns and veneers you find by far. With a design background and known for having eyes for aesthetics Dr.Ace Korkchi came to change the concept of typical dentistry. We all have heard or experienced something scary or unpleasant about  going to the dentist. Meticulously analyzing all the aspects of dental phobia he developed his new style boutique clinics to change the game by make it trendy to visit the dentist.

In care of his patients his vision includes in merging small treatment rooms into spacious rooms. Music, ambiance , smells together with the design and architecture will make you approach a clinic with different feel. All to make the patient feel as little nervous as possible. We are as different as you can be from the typical 3-8 treatment room chain dental clinic where you each time meet a new dentist. We try to not catch the wave of the low quality- high roll patient business model. Dr.Ace wants the experience to feel like a first class flight. All focus on you- one patient per day- pain free experience.